Sunday, October 2, 2011

An exerpt from The Six Frenchmen: The Unexpected Betrothal

Miranda sat brushing her hair out when Geoffrey came into the room; she still had her chemise on and he was already naked. He came up behind her and very quickly dispensed with the chemise.
“I prefer us to be naked when we’re alone in our apartments; no one will disturb us and even if they did it should be expected since we’re husband and wife. This is our domain and we can dress or undress as we choose; I want you to feel comfortable undressed as dressed.”
“You want me to walk about naked?” she asked.
“In hereyes; the fire is warm, you can curl up in a chair when you aren’t dressing or disrobing to read or sew or do what a young lady does when her husband isn’t making love to her. In fact, let’s make the dressing room for dressing and undressing unless we do a quick disrobe prior to our lovemaking; the rest of our apartment is for nakedness only.”
“Butwhat about the rest of the house; do you intend to keep me prisoner in here?”
“No ma chérie, of course not; when we have quiet time alone we’ll spend it in here. He smiled, “I’d like to keep you prisoner in here but that isn’t feasible; there are days when we can enjoy each other’s company alone and there are some afternoons and evenings.”
“Oh,” she couldn’t think of anything else to say and even though she was still embarrassed by her nakedness, she still liked what Geoffrey did to her and she was definitely willing to learn more. “Did your other women like to be naked?” she finally asked.
He laughed briefly, “Of course, ma chérie, it was their job.”
“I suppose I’ll get used to it too.” She tossed her hair back and stood; she padded towards him, “I want you to teach me more now please.” She spoke seductively and he liked that very much.
“As you wish ma amour,” he whispered as he pulled her to him.