Thursday, February 9, 2012

Twilight Continued on

If you enjoy vampire stories:
I need to acknowledge and thank Stephanie Meyers for her different idea of what a vampire can be and it is not necessarily the bloodthirsty creature who craves only human blood but there is a different kind of vampire who is considered ‘vegetarian’ and instead drinks animal blood. Stephanie created stories focused on teenage love, the stories enjoyed particularly by teenagers but many adults enjoy her stories too; these vampires obsessed one adult who couldn’t wait to read the fourth book, not yet published. I, who am that adult, decided to write my own version of the fourth book by using the same characters and adding a few of my own; the fourth book became more than one book of a continuing saga. In order to follow and understand my book it is necessary to read the original Twilight books, since reference is made to certain occurrences from those books, one through three, and then, upon a arriving at a fork in the road, take the next step. Do you want to read the teenage version of the fourth book that Stephanie Meyers created (perhaps you already have) or travel intodefinitely the more adult vampire world, the world I, Brenda Britton, created? I created a world of vampires living within a parallel world of humans and enjoying a symbiotic relationship with those humans. The majority of vampires are human bloodsuckers and the majority of humans do not know vampires exist even though they live side by side with them.
Stephanie Meyer’s character, Bella, intends to become a vampire because she wants immortality with her love, Edward. At the end of the third book, it has been decided Bella will marry Edward and become a vampire even though Edward isn’t completely sold on the idea of having a vampire wife. Most of his family is in agreement with Bella but there is one dissenter, Rosalie. There are certain quirks that make up Bella that I expected Stephanie to bring out when Bella became a vampire so I decided to include them in my story too. The first, most obvious, was Bella’s aversion to human blood even as a human, and the second most obvious was Edward’s inability to read her mind. Bella was also oversexed when it came to Edward in that she would have preferred to consummate their relationship prior to marriage but the old-fashioned Edward held off. I decided this was an important factor in the more adult book although I agree with Stephanie that teenagers should not be encouraged to partake in sexual relationships prior to marriage and teenage books should not encourage it.
My book is based on the premise that when humans change to vampires, they become more of what they were as humans. They become more beautiful, stronger, faster, more intelligent, perfect memory, and hearing that is more acute. Human traits also become more pronounced, sexual inclination being one of them, but with Bella, other aspects make her different from most vampires. The vampire world has different rules and mores than the human world and these things Bella must learn in order to fit in; she must also learn to respect the Volturi since they are the leaders of the vampire world she is now a part of. The Cullen’s welcome Bella into their family but she has no idea how different the human world was in comparison to what she’s now encounters as a vampire. The Cullen’s bring her gradually into their fold and teach her vampire basics but the reason Edward held off changing her becomes apparent when Bella is drawn into something completely beyond her expectations and she’s encouraged to learn from teachers that are more forceful and more compelling. The irony of it is, the Cullen’s allow Bella’s education of her new existence; the question is, would Bella have agreed to change if Edward had given her the complete truth of what her status would be upon becoming a vampire? To Edward’s credit at least, he was unable to explain anything about the vampire world Bella didn’t figure out for herself and although saving his soul was a major factor, he tried hard to discourage her because of several other issues that eventually become apparent. My book dwells on what Bella learns and how she learns to cope with her new freakish vampire identity; there is also danger, sex, and intrigue for her to contend with since those things seem to follow her. Most characters remain as they were in Twilight but there are some changes and new characters to either love or hate. The Cullen family are the same but one finds out more about them and how they accumulate their wealth; one also learns how Bella’s human family copes with the new, and to them, a different Bella. To all you Jacob fans, Jacob is included in my book but not to the extent he was in Twilight; this is definitely an ‘Edward’ book since he was my hero. The Volturi are still the overlords of the vampire world but I gave Aro a somewhat different personality, a vampire who Bella at first fears but then they become inextricably involved; nevertheless, he remains a person of great power to be respected by vampires and feared by humans. I hope you enjoy coming into my world of vampires; this will not detract from what Stephanie Meyers started but hopefully will enhance your enjoyment. I call it tying off loose ends but suggesting the story can be infinite in length just as vampires are eternal; this then is the never ending story.
Author Brengal

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