Monday, April 9, 2012

Sex is a beautiful thing in the Right Setting

To me, a dirty or pornographic novel is one where sex is not spoken of in clean terms. In fact, the “F” word shocks me more than it does not. Actually, sex is a beautiful thing to experience and should not have the filth attached to it that arose in the first place, because people in the past were afraid to speak of it aloud. Therefore, to me, plain speaking of the subject explains and teaches rather than corrupts. If only I had been more aware of the beauty of it as I grew up and it had not been something one didn’t speak about. I firmly believe that teenagers today would be more inclined to wait until after marriage to experience sex if it was spoken of in more forthright terms as a good thing instead of a bad thing one snuck around to experience. In my recently published novel, my very naive heroine becomes aware of sex when she and her husband indulge but she doesn’t want her husband to speak of what they do to his mother or brother so they discuss it.
Later that night when they had just made love, Laura found enough courage to ask the question that had been bothering her since talking to his mother, “Adam do you― would you talk about you and me to your mother; about what we do in bed?”
“Should I not?” he kissed her neck.
“Ah nooo,” she giggled, “A―A―dam,” he nibbled her ear.
She tried to compose herself, “Do you?”
“Do I what? He was teasing her.
He found her nipple with his tongue and she was lost until after they  made love again.
He then asked the questions “Do you like what I do?”
 “Mmm,” she was too caught up in his loving to say more.
“Are you ashamed of what we do?”
“No Adam but
“But what?” he persisted.
She kissed his lips and then looked into his eyes, “I love you Adam but I don’t want anyone except you to know how much I love you,” she looked down.
He lifted her chin so that she continued to look at his face, “I love you too and I want to shout from the roof tops that my wife, my beautiful little angel loves me. We make wondrous love together and soon her tummy is going to show the world what we did in bed because it’s going to be big and round and there will be a baby inside?”
Laura blushed, “How do you know?”
“Because I know what happens when a man and a woman make love; my mother knows, she did it; my brother and Susie did it and so have we. I would wager that every man and woman in the ton knows what husbands and wives do in bed and the proof happens soon enough to most couples; it’s very difficult to hide.”
“No but how do you know that I am?”
“I don’t know yet but you will tell me soon won’t you?”
“I’m not sure but I might be; I missed my courses by just a few days and I’m not usually late; I wanted to wait until I knew for sure before I told you,” she blushed, “We’ve only been married for two weeks.”
He pulled her close, “I think you are my love but we will wait until we know for sure before we announce it.”
“I think you will be pleased if I am,” she smiled in between his kisses.
“Will you be pleased to show the world what we have done in bed to achieve a baby?” he looked at her with his steely grey eyes.
“I don’t think I will concern myself with how we achieved it; only that we will have and after a few months I will hold our child in my arms. It will be our child Adam; not mine and some other man who I do not love but mine and yours. I will not only be pleased to show the world my big, fat tummy but I will be proud that my big, fat tummy is there because you love me. I want how you love me to be our secret, only that you love me to be common knowledge.”
“Even though my loving may be no different than any other man?” He couldn’t help smiling at her reasoning.
“I’ll allow you to do whatever you need to do to love me; I want whatever you want and I’m eager to learn how to appease you because I’ll be appeased too. Don’t tell the world you suckle my breast even if it’s done by every man to his sweetheart but don’t stop doing it to me; if you suckle me in my very private areas, which I saved for your amorousness even though I didn’t know what to expect; don’t stop but don’t tell the world you do it.  It’s something very sacred to me, something of me, which I and my brother has given to you and which I’ll never willingly give to any other man,” she now had tears in her eyes. “You’re my world; you’re everything that I have dreamed of since the first time I saw you when I was but a child in pigtails; if you want to kiss me in public or even make love to me in public, I won’t stop you because I want it too. If you want to shout to the world that you love me, I may blush but I will be proud to hear it; it’s hard to believe that you’re all mine but I do believe it. You’re the kindest, gentlest, most loving man, you’re mine and I am yours.”

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