Monday, May 13, 2013

I'd like to talk about a new book I'm writing and hopefully gain some comments and pointers. I've already been informed that choosing a young heroine and a more mature man is unbalanced but I find myself thinking of when I was so young and inexperienced and I find I still have much to learn despite my waning years. Is it not possible for a young woman to be just as teachable when it comes to sex?

My hero has a problem; at the age of two and twenty, he fell in love with a similar affected young woman but something occurred one week before their marriage that destroyed their love and desecrated their marriage of seven years. During their marriage he forced his conjugal rights twice and on both occasions he impregnated his wife; the first time, his wife bore him a son following a difficult labor and the second time, seven years later, she begat him a daughter. His wife then succumbed to childbed fever, and it wasn't until his year of mourning had ended that he realized he needed another wife. He needed a new wife for two reasons only; first to satiate himself because he'd remained celibate far too long, and secondly, because his one-year-old daughter hadn't thrived due to being passed around to various wet nurses. The relationship with his first wife had destroyed any trust he had with women; he refused to believe in love and did not intended to again fall under that spell. He had studied several books and consulted with various 'experts' on the possibility of having his next wife suckle his daughter and the information he'd gained influenced his decision on who to choose for a wife. He originally decided upon a widow but he wanted someone he could learn to trust and widows were well known for indulging in sexual relationships outside the marriage bed. His daughter had been born with red hair, unlike his own and his wife’s; therefore he wasn't sure whether the child was even his; he was convinced his first wife had indulged with a red-haired man. With this suspicion in mind, he needed a woman who would not, force on him a child from a previous relationship so he decided that the woman who produced only his child, must be a virgin. His research inferred that women who hadn't born children could still produce milk in their breasts if stimulated; he enjoyed suckling women's breasts so he didn't think this would be a problem, especially if his infant daughter suckled her breast too. He went to London and after perusing the ton entertainment, he found a woman he thought would meet his needs and applied to her father; the woman was a virgin with voluptuous breasts and was not in the first blush of youth.

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